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Grant County Government, Indiana
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BZA: “Board of Zoning Appeals” 09/17/2014

Grant County Government, Indiana
BZA: “Board of Zoning Appeals” 01/26/2011
CAFR: “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” 01/26/2011
COIT: "County Option Income Tax" 01/26/2011
EZ: “Enterprise Zone” 01/26/2011
FICA: “Federal Insurance Contributions Act” 01/26/2011
FIT: ”Federal Income Tax” 01/26/2011
IRS: “Internal Revenue Service” 01/26/2011
PERF: “Public Employees’ Retirement Fund” 01/26/2011
TIF: “Tax Increment Financing” 01/26/2011

Grant County Government, Indiana
FBOP 07/04/2007
FY 07/04/2007
LY 07/04/2007
PY 07/04/2007
Spa 07/04/2007